Matchbox Friday (DEN)

This morning we gathered under a beautiful sunrise at one of our favorite destinations: Cheeseman Park. Julia and Paul took the reigns, activating our glutes and blasting our abdominals. They also challenged us last week to the ALS ice bucket challenge. You thought we were doing the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS, but really, we just wanted to see how many guys would take their shirts off. I’d say we probably had about an 80/40 spread. This is probably the wrong place to make Bachelor in Paradise references. I have never (weekly) watched or enjoyed that show…. Moving on. The only thing better than standing in the fountain pouring buckets of frigid water over each other was seeing Hayley pop up at the other end of the park, running with her bike, in full scrubs, coming off of her night shift in the ER just in time to make the group shot. That my friends, is dedication. Weekend Earned!

Side note: The water was fun this morning. ALS is not fun. We are all lucky to be part of this crazy thing we call #free fitness. So while you take a minute to recognize how fortunate you are to be able to physically attend these workouts, we challenge all of you to think about how life can throw curveballs that seem to make no logical sense. Whether it’s ALS, or another cause you are passionate about, we challenge you to make a contribution.

Wednesday will go down at The Capitol Stairs. You think I was lying? Tell the world.


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