Mason Sprints for Focus

With focus and determination you can achieve your goal. 

Remind yourself of one of your big goals. What are you looking to achieve that would really make you proud? What would you should with a grin of success? Take that big goal and work on it bit by bit; break it into pieces and tackle them one at a time.


Summit Ave is not a trivial climb. We all want to be able to run strong for many full loops. What part is toughest for you? What do you least like doing? … How likely is it that you would have the most to gain by working on that with dedicated attention? Who’s favorite part is the steep section in the middle?

Today, we continued to work towards faster, stronger Summit Ave repeats. To achieve this, we focused all our energy on one part; we approached the whole hill differently. Summit Ave is broken roughly into thirds by two cross streets: Mason and Jordan. We started sprinting at Mason and continued past Jordan (for those crazy enough to go the full), all the way up to the playground at the top.


Before starting, everyone took a minute to find out how to cheer on someone else. For me, I’m most motivated when I focus on being grateful for my agility and focused on honoring that by giving it everything in a workout. Take a second to remind yourself what your buddy likes to hear. Take a second to think about what most motivates you.
I challenge you to take 5 minutes today to write down one goal, one part of it you can focus on, and what you will do as a step towards achieving it. Post to Twitter, FB, or email it to your mom. #NPFocusFriday
 Have a great weekend!
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