Mary Lawton’s Home Didn’t Burn Down (BOSTON)

Mary is married. She lives in the North End of Boston and loves New York City. Mary works in PR and knows the value of getting influential, powerful, and even famous members of the community to get involved with her agenda. Her agenda LAST NIGHT was to talk a big game about how she’d join forces with the local rise & shine crew at November Project the next morning (this morning). Looking in her eyes and hearing her commit over and over I felt that she really would follow through and actually show up. Mary, known to only come to NP in the warm months (which is legal…), has planned to “start coming more often” and “give it another try.”

Mary One

Last night her commitment went beyond just “dropping her verbal” to yours truly. She turned to another ten members of November Project and verbally committed to them as well. Her word is what we were taking seriously. We respect her word. Or should we say, we USED to respect her word.

Mary, today we gave our #PositivityAward to a woman who’s home burnt down and has no place to stay. That same woman borrowed clothing to come train with November Project. She did this for three reasons: 1. For many, running will help sort out stress and can declutter a busy mind. 2. She knew that the community of November Project would be there to help her in a time of need. 3. She had told friends, relatives, and other members of the tribe that she would be there by verbally committing and there was nothing that was going to get in her way of keeping her word.

Mary Lawton, at 6:31AM our entire group was chanting your name and you were nowhere to be found. We are sad and confused why you’d break our hearts like this. We will give you shit for a good amount of time. Just know that all of this comes from a place of love and confusion. With all of that said, the number one factor here… is that through it all… this morning on Summit Ave in Brookline, MA…


Mary Two

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