Mario Castle

Who knew there was a castle in Somerville?!
This morning we decided to throw the folks in Somerville a bone and put a destination deck in Prospect Park, Somerville–which is apparently in New Hampshire. If you didn’t know before today, it was also one of the locations that the rare Dooster birds shot this film.
I’m pretty sure this morning was much much cooler, but we’d have to ask some of the fossils that have been around since then (lookin at you Cahoon and Evan Dana). This morning we planked, burpeed, and ran around the Mario Castle. The cops didn’t give us a ticket, Foiles pretended he can’t do burpees, and Geo showed up late and had no idea what was going on. All in all it was about what you’d expect. Oh, there was also a wheelbarrow race up a ridiculous hill–ok. Maybe you had to be there.

Wednesday Morning we are tagging the shit-balls out of shirts**. Bring your tagables. Bring your ECSNY crap. Bring your chest. Get a tattoo. This ones gonna be fun and wild and fun–did I say fun? F*ck it. Bring your mom! We’ll see you there.

**Please send Ms. Emily Saul a letter to 123 Notareal St., Dorchester, MA if you would like to help us tag on Wednesday. She’ll be taking applications from now til Wednesday at 529am. You will need to include a photo of your favorite tagged gear as well as a dvd of yourself explaining why you should be the next American Gladiator.


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