Marathon Monday

It’s a very special day in the city of Boston, Marathon Monday.  It’s one day in the year when the whole city puts it’s focus  on the 30,000 + runners who test their limits by racing 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boylston St.  It’s amazing to see how many NP tribe members from cities near and far are running, and how many more are volunteering their time, voices, and hearts to pass out water, cheer their asses off, and support all the runners.

This morning brought many beautiful faces to the Cassidy Playground at Cleveland Circle for the Boston NP Destination Deck. There were tribe members from NYC, Philly, DC, NO, SF, SD, MSP, LAX, (did I miss any??) and a whole boat load of tribe co-leaders. The energy was wild and crazy with all those yahoos around. Makes you want to go visit other cities and bounce with their tribes, right?

I predicted this morning’s workout would be 7% Fitness, 92% Madness, and 1% Chaos.

The reality was this: 14% Fitness because 26 somersaults are way way harder than anyone really realized, and log rolls side to side are tremendously solid functional movements to practice. 19% Social because when you have to find so many different partners and give out SO many hugs you just get a little more connected to the tribe. 41% Weirdness because it was just weird. 24% Madness and 2% Chaos.  A healthy recipe for a real good time at Destination Deck.

The recap of the day:

We played 1-6 to warm up. 1=Burpees. 2=log roll to the right and to the left. 3=hug someone. 4=invisible hula hoop. 5=5 high knee jumps. 6=run to find a new spot.  the Tribe ran quickly in place while I called out random numbers. Most people struggled to figure out what the movements were, but #TheTribeIsSmart and we picked it up pretty quickly. It was ok. It was awesome. It was madness, only a little chaotic, and dirty dirty fun.

We created a measurement called a BG, which is the distance of one Brogan Graham somersault. We had him do 26.2 somersaults, to mark off a “BG Marathon.” I realize that BG is superhuman in many ways but I honestly thought he might die, either from somersaults or from laughing so hard.


We did partner relays, then partner races, and we kept finding new partners to race against (very social). Wheelbarrows, piggy-back rides, Spider-Man walk, skipping, and all-out sprinting filled out our morning.

We finished with some push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats – 26.2 of each.

The bonus was a somersault race for a burrito. The first to complete 26.2 somersaults actually took home a burrito. Steve…it’s a chicken burrito from Boloco, hope you enjoyed your breakfast!!


make some NOISE today NP…we’re taking over the world with the fittest athletes and the fiercest most positive community. Keep changing the world.

And to all you NP runners, we love you. The tribe is behind you every step of the way.


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