Did you know that today’s #PositivityAward winner Lauren Goodman was within 45 seconds of qualifying during the 2013 Boston Marathon? If you ask her about it she’ll just smile, tell you about going out too fast for the first part of her race, and how she’s hungry for her next shot at getting that qualifying time. That’s positivity.

Did you know that we have another racer (above right) in the group who drives a three wheeled bicycle which carries a giant wheatgrass grinder known as Life Force Juice? Oh, and in this video you can see him wearing #GrassrootsGear and taking 1st place in a marathon in Auroville, India. A few weekends later he went under 3:00 again here in Boston. Not a big deal.

Did you know that the leader of November Project Madison and yours truly have a mom who’s an NP member? Did you know that she battled cancer, got up a year later, grew her hair back, and moved to Snowmass, CO to pursue her lifelong dream of being a ski instructor? Ann now lives at 9,000+ feet above sea level, creates confident downhill racers, and even has her own line of greeting cards! What!? She’s also one of the very few who have trained with both BOS and MSN tribes.

These are only three of the thousands of stories we have in our tribe. Please understand that the seemingly lovey-dovey hug fest before and after each workout is meant to go beyond the campy feel of silly interactions. Our hope is that you all get to know the interesting people around you here in Boston. If you find yourself at the top of Bascom Hill, Summit Ave, or anywhere else our tribe trains, and you’re standing next to someone you don’t know… PLEASE extend yourself and learn more about them. When we talk about “building a better community” we know that the first step is through real connections. This will come in time as the many stories are traded between your fellow members. Don’t wait, learn more about your fellow members starting this Monday.

MONDAY: This #DestinationDeck will be Copley Square. Bring a deck of cards and arrive no later than 6:29AM. You need a map to Copley Square? What!? WOW, you are really new. Here it is.

#NP_Yoga4: It is coming. Know what you’re getting into. May is a few days away.

The dudes either have long hair or babies.
The girls are fast and friendly.
The Lincoln view: Lake Mendota.
The drink of choice before and after: coffee.
The problem with training in Madison, WI? None.
The leader, Dan Graham.
The tribe is strong.


Name Time
Colin Harari 8:55
Andrew Gebel 11:20
Michael Kushner 9:18
Sam Smith 9:48
Mark Retzlaff 8:40
Jeff Lowe 8:05
Goldie 9:10
Gabby Waclawik 9:40
Pat Bauch 7:55
Peter Carpenter 7:53
Chavez Del Rios 9:14
Kevin Williams 8:05
Steve Fons 8:08
Andy Gill 9:25
Madeline Duffy 9:48
Jake Remington 9:48
Barret Van Sicklen 10:14
Kelly Wine 10:17
Sarah Lindstrom 10:20
Mollie Meldahl 10:20
Julia Cortata 10:21
Mandy Pertzborn 10:25
Grace Miller 10:40
Leigh Vierstra 10:41
Sarah Williams 10:43
Melly Meyer 11:00
Alex Lindenmeyer 11:20
Adam mertz 11:33
Katie Kocher 11:35
Grant Edler 12:09
Jake Johnson 12:10
Jeff Noack 12:10
Leanne Johnson 12:15
Kari Risley 12:30
Kailey Bender 14:15
Brogan Graham ?
Dan Graham ?
Ann Doody ?
Meggie Heitke ?
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