Man vs. the Superior Sex?


The Battle of the Sexes went down this morning at November Project San Diego.  This epic battle has raged since humans have walked the earth.  It was an ambitious morning when you got to show off your sex’s superiority.  Venus and Mars collided and it was outrageous!  “Growling” was heard as all the humans fought with every quad, glut and calf muscle fiber in their being trying to defend their gender.  How did it end… well why don’t you just keep on reading…


So yes, men may have the ability to build stronger and bigger muscles but don’t underestimate the females.  Women have nails to tear you down, curves to distract your single track, simple minds and possibly better accountability; hence the larger numbers that could allow us overcome!


All the bodacious babes and mostly bearded hunks trucked up hills, burpeed the shit out of themselves and tag team relayed the flag pole (that kinda sounds dirty) all in great efforts to out due the opposite sex.   Every Monday and Wednesday morning I see a magnitude of effort, true grit and a cult of people all working together.  Today there was a divide, a divide from the “x” and “y” chromosome and I saw a whole new level of bad ass-ery out there!  Ya’ll are savages and I love you!  But only one sex can come up on top!

And drum roll please… Who run the World?!?!?


GIRLS!!!! Yes the females won 316 to 277!  It was close and battled to the very last hill.  But in the end it is simple.  Girls Rule and Boys Drool, Nah, nah, nah, nah, nahnahhhh!


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