Make the MO(st) of Life (DCA)

Today’s blog brought to you by the better-looking half of one of our favorite couples: Mary “Mo” (sorry Danny, we all know she’s the good looking one in the relationship). This power couple leapt (frog reference) into the spotlight as #DannyoftheDay this morning. Without further ado: 

When asked why I chose to wake up at 4:50AM to work out in the dark and hug sweaty strangers (I’m sure a question you all get often), I am often left not really knowing what to say. How do I begin to explain November Project? I usually start by saying that these workouts and those sweaty hugs have become the best moments of my week. Who could possibly say no to an opportunity to spend an hour with people who motivate you to do things you’d never dreamed you could do. People who make you laugh, people who inspire you, people who make you feel like family. 

 And when one half of our dynamic duo of leadership is away (#wemissyoudanny), the tribe bands together to continue motivating each other to do better and be better than we were the workout before. I had the utmost pleasure of being #dannyoftheday with my own partner in crime, Danny Mo, and while the running shoes were big ones to fill, it was an amazing experience to be at the helm of the tribe today. It gave me an opportunity to take a moment and really look at what Steve and Danny have built. They have created community, they have created change, and all while kicking our butts.
Running through the streets of DC last night, during #betterthanbedtime presented me with another example of how November Project is so much more than a fitness movement; it is a catalyst for change. It was clear while passing strangers on 7th St, whose looks of confusion and sometimes irritation, quickly shifted to smiles and high fives with each “Good Evening!” thrown out by the tribe. In an age when people walk down the street, eyes glued to screens, ears plugged with headphones and minds racing with today’s to-do’s and worries of tomorrow, we are here to say ” Hey DC! Wake the fuck up and smile at a stranger!”. Maybe someday we’ll even get them to hug us too… but for now, baby steps. Admittedly, in the past, I avoided eye contact with strangers on the subway and was taken aback by the occasional greeting on the street from an unfamiliar face. But since joining the DC tribe this past winter, I felt how meaningful a simple “Hello!” can be, and how happy it made me feel to hear a complete stranger tell me that they’re glad I came to workout. And now, I find myself cheering on runners I see on the trails by my house, passing out smiles and nods of encouragement without thinking twice. Starting a conversation with my local bus driver and saying “Good Morning!” to people I pass on my walk to work- it’s become second nature. Sure, I still get the occasional “why is this weird girl talking to me” look, but fuck it, we’re creating a friendlier, more supportive, simply happier city, and what’s so weird about wanting that?
So what do I say when people ask me why I’m a part of this crazy, bad-ass, hug-loving tribe? Find out for yourself and #justshowup.
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