Mailing it in (YEG)

When I offered to write today’s blog a few days ago, I didn’t know that I would have to follow up Andrew’s graphic novel from Wednesday so I might be mailing this one in. This morning there were some people that showed up, a couple newbies and lots of dogs. We jumped around, yelled a bit and Steven was a bit off on the fuck yeah. Then after all that, we ran up and down a hill, high fives were thrown, some flew down the hill, some did some other things that I guess you had to be there to understand what’s going on.

image image


We we surprisingly didn’t have any birthdays but Jen was ok with that, she was cold and wanted to get the fuck out of there. Once again we have some extra curricular activity going on this weekend, come to iHuman HQ for our social Sunday at 2pm. Info here.

Monday we will be behind McNally High School. Here


Have a good weekend, I know I will,


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