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Today we ran full hills with patriotic cross-country spice. Weaving laterally across the hill were rows of flags showing us where to sprint, turn and go down the hill a little, jog back the other way, then repeat. Coming up the hill after the sprints, you would have to try to dodge the taggers, or pay the price of 10 burpees. Track your fast.



#Traverbals arrived from Denmark, LAX, SD, and NYC. Multi-tribe hugs are soooo good! There were a lot of first-timers there today crushing the hills. We’re so glad you came. We love seeing the regulars, those that figure out how to just show up, rain or shine.


What inspires you? What words of encouragement help you get 5% more out of every step? How do you conjure your inner beast on race day? How do you hold yourself tall and strong when it’s tough? Do you need a reminder to go bananas, or to keep it cool?

Some words that have an impact on me:

  • Run *your* race
  • Honor your training by running hard/smart
  • Run swift, smooth, and tall
  • Gratitude and Mailboxes
  • GO GET HIM/HER! (specific, short-term goal)
  • Counting footsteps (if it’s that tough: moving forward is better than stopping)
  • Shouting my name with gusto
  • Funny signs that take 50 yards to understand

What motivates your friends? How can you encourage yourself in your next race?

Running Boston? We wish you luck and will see you at mile 18.


Monday’s workout will at our usual Patriots Day location.  See exact location here and #VERBAL

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