Lumbersexual (DEN)

For those of you who entertain the LieutenantGeneral’s request to wear flannel on Fridays (#FlannelFriday), we thank you. It’s not often that you get to be part of a movement of such epic proportions. Yes, that’s right there is a movement going on: it’s plaid, it’s fuzzy, it’s not waterproof, and we are on the front lines of participation. We are trendsetters in the movement of the Lumbersexual variety.

Sure, the urban dictionary defines lumbersexual as: “A metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard.” Along with that finely-trimmed beard of the #NP5280 tribe is a loose fitting, checkered, furry, overcoat that screams: I am here to work the fuck out.

Wear your flannel, define your region, and make your mark in the movement.

In other news, this time last year, people were choosing the slopes over a morning with November Project. Now I am happy to report that people are choosing their November Project tribe BEFORE hitting the slopes. This makes us so very happy, we love you all.

Sorry for the PSA, but nobody else offered to blog 😉


  • WED 530/615A: Civic Center Amphitheater (14th & Broadway, Denver). We #RACEEVERYTHING for PR Clovers. That reminds me #RecruitMoreRacers. The tribe is only as strong and competitive as the bodies that #JustSHowUp.
  • Trace yourselves. Have I used enough hashtags today?
  • : #NP_Homework, WIN #FREE SWAG, due 1/31.
Example of NP_Homework from @lafitara
Prime Example of NP_Homework from @lafitara


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