Low on gas? (YEG)

So this morning, I woke up on time, gathered my gear, which more then the normal NP workout gear since right after the group pic I had to head to physio where while I awaited my pending achilles torture I prepped myself for work…this meant that I left my house this morning about 5 minutes later then normal carrying 4 different bags knowing that I had just about the exact amount of time to head to our hill.

Then…I got in my car and realized that it was so low on gas that I would probably not make it to said hill…ugh! Not only was my car low on gas, my body also felt like it was running on empty. After a quick text to Nadim, a fuel up and hopefully not too many photo radar tickets, I did make it to Emily Murphy with a few minutes to spare and almost instantly felt as refueled as my car not sat. Seeing a bunch of brightly coloured human beings – new faces & familiar faces – surrounding a statue, chatting, smiling, laughing, ready to run some hills is totally rejuvenating.

I hope you all know that while Nadim, Andrew and I are here to lead these workouts and are completely committed to building & sharing this community, each and everyone of you provide the energy ,the spark, the magic…without all of you, there would just be the three of us…British Bulldog with only the three of us would be pretty boring, plus I’m sure the boys would always make me it and that would kind of suck.

So thank you for showing up every morning, for your positivity and spirit…you never know who’s going to need a little of your contagious energy!



Until next time…SMILE! J

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  1. And to top all that off, you were spraying someone’s shirt!!  I know I say this a lot, but Thank YOU for all you do.  This is the highlight of my Mon/Wed/Fri!!!

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