LoveFest 2000 (DEN)

LoveFest 2000 was a moderate success.
LoveFest 2000 was a moderate success.

To those of you who might be new to November Project and what we do, you sure picked one helluva morning to #justshowup. For what has seemed like decades, due to child-like levels of excitement and anticipation, we have been planning this morning for a couple months. Matthew’s mildly OCD software engineer brain stewed over BINGO boards for hours. Robyn, Alli, Wally, and Paul orchestrated perhaps the greatest clandestine crowd-funding effort in the history of clandestine crowd-funding efforts. My mom, dad, sister, and her man meat came to see what all the fuss is about and why I’m constantly bombarding their news feeds with neon. You all just showed up because you knew something BIG for someone VERY special was going down and you wanted to be there to see the look on her face when it happened.

This morning was about our selfless, gracious photographer, Morgan. She gets up before dawn twice a week to make sure we look damn sexy when we sweat and has never said no, or asked for anything in return. She is about the tribe. This morning, the tribe was about Morgan. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – THAT is the coal that makes this love train roll. People just showing up for other people – even people you barely know.

I can wax philosophic all damn day about how proud I am of the vibe of NP5280, but I don’t have to. If you were there this morning, you fucking felt it. It started in your heart, working its nervous little way down to your stomach, and eventually up to the back of your throat where, if you were near me during Robyn’s speech you might’ve heard me sniffling mostly on account of the high tree pollen count in the Denver metro. Yeah, the tree pollen…

You all are incredible individuals who see the value in what we do. Sure, we workout and have fun twice a week together, but beyond that we’re connecting – to our city, to each other, and maybe even to ourselves a little bit.

Don’t lose that vibe. Don’t fake that funk.

Major Wood

FRI: 545P Happy Hour run @ Illegal Pete’s on Colfax
WED: Capitol Stairs 530/615

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