Love Letter To (DCA)

Dear DC,

I’m dropping the ‘A’ at the end because I feel like we’re close enough to skip the airport code formalities. I want to start by saying I didn’t always hold you in the highest regard. I do now. Before getting to know you, I thought you were uptight, argumentative, extremely political, and really just a bit of an ass. While we may still put the tree-huggers on the left and the ‘Drill-Baby-Drill!’ folks on the right, I feel that we’ve found an incredible middle ground. A place where I don’t care what you believe. Not in the way that I won’t have an intelligent and gripping conversation with you about whatever is on your or the world’s mind (because I love each and every one of our conversations). In the way that no matter what you believe, who you are, no matter how big, small, loud, quiet, weird, or normal you get, you’re there for me and I’ll be there for you. THAT is true love. Being there with me through the highs, lows, high or low planks, burpees, sprints, tears, laughs, and so on. Bruises heal. Aching muscles recover. We forget about those things. But smiles that I get to experience with you AT LEAST every MWF are forever burned into my memory. So thanks. Thanks for being you. Thanks for smiling with me. Thanks for laughing with me. Thanks for sweating with me (although I wouldn’t mind you turning down the humidity every once in a while).

I’m writing this because I’m excited. About what you ask? About OUR future. About YOUR future. Things are changing. Times are changing (except 6:30AM…that shit stays the same every week). People are arriving from all over to see you, to live with you. We have incredible potential because of incredible people that fill your streets. We ARE changing this city one smile, one block, one neighborhood at a time. So keep changing. Change is GOOD. Change is STRONG. The TRIBE is STRONG. Make people smile. Hug someone new. Learn someone’s name. Get to know them and encourage them in everything they do. YOU could be and most likely are the reason they pushed themselves and they know it. We make each other better because we are social creatures that want to be better. If you’re not on this train, GET ON. ONWARD, DC. ONWARD.

If this is your first time reading our blog or you just read the blogs and haven’t joined us, JUST SHOW UP. I GUARANTEE you won’t regret it. Unplug your headphones, look up from your phone, and start living your life. Take a leap. Scoop up the groundball I’m hitting at you and run with it.



MONDAY: Meridian Hill Park, NE corner, 6:29AM #HillsForBreakfast

Sunday, Sept. 20th: SUMMIT SENDOFF, NOON, Union Station Shake Shack


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