Love Letter for Boston

Dear Boston November Project Tribe,

There is so much love that gets shared amongst this tribe, and so many reasons to love you as individuals and a collective.  On the eve of St. Valentine’s Day, I feel compelled to share with you some of these reasons.

I love you for showing up. I love you for being weatherproof, even when it’s -14 with windchill.  I love you for your enthusiasm and your loud “Fuck Yeah”s at the stadium and your whisper-yell “Fuck Yeah”s at the top of Summit Ave.  I love you for hugging each other and supporting each other.  For becoming running partners, friends, and family.  I love you for your flair, your neon, your spandex and mandex, and your hard core bare skin.  I love you for shoveling, I love you for swimming, I love you for bringing pumpkins, cupcakes, and birthday champagne.  I love you for racing your fucking asses off.  I love you for your PRs and for your really hard days when you barely showed up and got through but did it anyway.  I love you for being so human that you sometimes get injured, and then you get better.  All the while you show up and I love you when you injury deck too.  I love you for running longer than you thought you could, harder than you realized you wanted to, and achieving more as athletes than you might have known was possible. I love your awesome straight faces.  I love that sometimes you’re so giddy with love for the tribe that you CAN’T not smile, so you let it shine instead.  I love you for recruiting, for verbaling, and for giving each other shit when the verbal gets broken.  I love you for tagging pictures. I love you for racing to get tagged in the group photo.  I love you for showing up early to cheer on the 5:30 group.  I love the 5:30 group (but I don’t have favorites!). I love that you make Grassroots Gear out of everything you own and you wear it so proudly everywhere you go.  I love you for yielding to cars on Summit Avenue, even when there are massive snowbanks that make sharing the road so difficult.  I love you for making friends with the residents of all the areas we train together, because that makes the NP community bigger and spreads the positive, inclusive culture that NP was founded on.  I love that this community is made up of every single one of us and just wouldn’t be as incredible if you or you or you weren’t here.  (pretend I’m pointing right at you there, for dramatic effect.)

I love how strong the Tribe is.  Here in Boston for sure–this is where the love started–but now our Tribe is so much bigger and the love is even more.  I love November Project because it continues to change my life for the better.  I’m grateful to run, hug, race, get faster, and love more with you all.

Eternally yours,


group photo

Please go spread love and NP hugs wherever you go these next couple of days.  And get ready to show the fuck up on Monday.  It will have snowed and it WILL BE EPIC.  Destination Deck for the holiday Monday will be in Cambridge, near the river…check the tracker to record your score from today AND see the exact location for Monday.

Here’s a hint about the location.  Deniz won’t be with us on Monday…so we’ll see his face and something else we’ll see on Monday here:


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