Love + Indiana Jones

In the effort to channel the goodness from all other tribes from the #NewsCh19, here are what’s called “Wisconsin Notes.”  They’re a shorthand for a beautifully written blog–more like the quick and dirty version of the events of the morning.  Hold on tight, the bullets are gonna fly:

  • The tribe is still #weatherproof.  It was rainy for the entire time we were outside.  Funny, it’s going to be almost 60 degrees later.  WTF weather man?
  • We ran #IndianaJones workout.  This is where you run in vertical groups of 4 to 8, run up the hill together with last person sprinting to front in a round robin manner. What’s a vertical group? According to Turkish-Boston-Americans, it’s a group that stays in single file.  Record your laps for the morning!  You ran it…now prove it!

indiana jones

  • We love Indiana Jones workout.
  • Some people hate Indiana Jones workout because they think it’s really hard.
  • That’s exactly why some yahoo made it up in the first place.
  • Two people who met during a November Project Friday hills workout two years ago are now engaged.
  • They are #RacingToTheAltar, and they’re joining the now growing list of people who pick up dates at NP and end up following through.
  • The dude who seems to be #WinningEverything in this picture is that engaged dude. Congrats dude.

race everything

  • Racing was fierce.

fierce running

  • Birthdays were celebrated with a butt running race.
  • Butt running is where you run from one spot to another as fast as you can using only your butt.  No hands, no feet.  Butts.  It was epic.  The winner (who used only his butt) got his name sung for the Birthday Song.

butt running

  • The positivity award was awarded to Danielle Adler.
  • DESTINATION DECK: Monday’s workout will be nature-filled and near Jamaica Pond.  See exact location here and #VERBAL
  • #GRASSROOTSGEAR TAGGING: next Wednesday 4/15.
  • #WeekendEarned
  • The Tribe is Strong
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