Love for Everyone

We love the hills on Friday.  They’re like an old friend we keep catching up with.  You go through some ups and downs, and thankfully, you end up on top.  You hug, take a group photo, and then you feel great for the rest of the day.

We love sharing with everyone how many hill repeats we got done too, after being challenged by Deniz to aim for 4+ full hill repeats.  Track that lovely number, my friends.

We also love knowing where the Destination Deck workout is on Monday, so we can get excited, plan our running route, and recruit our friends to join us.  It’ll be in a super sweet park in South Boston.  Conveniently, across the street from my place of work!  Check it out and verbal.

And we love that as of today, a pretty momentous day in history, everyone is equally, legally able to get married to anyone they love.  November Project has always been about making human connections and community greater, breaking down some of those walls that separate, isolate, and keep us from feeling that love in the world, and being a powerful force of kindness.  We’re big fans of love.  We do workouts where everyone can show up and get as much out of it as the next person, regardless of their height, weight, hair style, color, race, religion, speed, athletic accomplishment, shoe size, sexual preference, favorite pizza topping or ice cream flavor.  And we have a fierce culture that is loving to its core. We love to include everyone, because everyone deserves that kind of love, community, and accessible free fitness.

Everyone get your BOOM fingers up and swirl them in some boom… We’re gonna BOOM the US Supreme Court for finally making it official.  It’s a win for love.  Love just screamed over the finish line, breaking the winner’s tape, arms up in celebration.  #FuckYeah to that.

I’m gonna say, “Love Wins” and everyone’s gonna say, “BOOM” as loud as you can.


L O V E   W I N S!!!

group photo

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