Lost Without Their Leaders (YEG)

For some strange reason the stars & planets all aligned and Jen, Nadim & Andrew all managed to be out of town on the same day. For another strange reason they decided I was trustworthy enough to lead the tribe. So on day one of my global take over…ahem…tribe leading I decided to spice things up. So right off the hop I changed the tribe’s morning greeting…apparently we don’y ask “how you all feeling”, because “Fuck Yeah” is definitely not an appropriate response to that. We tried it twice, the tribe was loud, the tribe was encouraging and by the second time I managed to get it right.

I also reminded the tribe to be extra quiet for the wee little YEG-ers that were camping at the bottom. I think Nadim was just trying to make me look bad by lying to the tribe, as today there were no campers, just the world’s smelliest outhouse.

Our Mo-Sista Nikki made good on her verbal for today, not wanting to be called out for being missed a second time this week. Today was likely her last day as she’s moving to Toronto very soon. She did hand out some moustachey swag to some lucky tribe members today though.

By the end of the workout I had high-fived and encouraged as many people as I could, but alas I couldn’t manage to wrangle the whole tribe together too well for a group photo. They all look a little lost without their leaders.

Thanks to the tribe for your love today on my first try. My excuse is that I had to lead a hundred people on my first try, I think Nadim & Jen had to lead three, which is a few less.

See you guys and gals all Monday, be prepared for an extra special Destination Deck at Campus St Jean en francais! We’re heading back to the cards, but in a totally different way!


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