Los Feliz Hill God Summoning (LAX)

You read it right. The witch hunters were looking in the wrong place all about Salem when they we’re burning people at the stake and tying stones to legs and throwing them into lakes. Obviously, all you wickens know the possibility of being drowned out here is impossible thanks o the draught. By god you should have seen you all fly this morning up Los Feliz hill for some stellar repeats. The burpee conjuring at the bottom had y’all cackling in glee.


All the Halloween bullshit aside, every single one of you put work in today. I am beyond impressed with the determination, action and playfulness you all bring to these workouts. These repeats aren’t easy, but you all decide to tackle them with the best attitude and put in real work. To that I say, Kudos and let us see how far we can go. Every workout set your determination to it’s highest, every morning crack that smile and every day let us gather and share the amazingness of Free Fitness in this city.





Homework- Use any social media out let you have to reach out to Eric Garcetti, our Mayor. Let’s get him to a workout! Insta: @ericgarcetti Twitter:@ericgarcetti


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