Long Division

Remember long division?  I believe I learned it in early elementary school, it’s a part of math I’ll never forget.  Thankfully while I sat with some fellow Tribe members at breakfast this morning, long division was reborn.  Remainders, decimals and all.  But it’s easy to forget because we have calculators and phones (or interns) that do all the math for us these days.  We are deeply accustomed to the immediate answers, the “quick division,” and the instant gratification that we have accessible almost all the time.

Funny enough, I noticed an incredible joy on people’s faces while we retraced those long forgotten steps of long division.  There was a delight and satisfaction to earning each step in the math problem before us.  A recollection of a skill we once had, and a confidence to the knowing that appears when you’re so damn sure of the answer because you showed up and worked it out.

It’s nice to be able to do long division.  It’s also really nice to not have to do long division all the time because sometimes you just don’t have a big sheet of paper and a pencil (gotta use pencil because #mistakes). But it’s old school.  It’s down to earth.  It’s Grassroots.  It’s low tech.  It’s a good return on investment.  It’s just plain useful.

The fitness industry can be a little like calculators, in my opinion.  We’re often looking for the “quick answers” and happy to try out the newest “calculator” or high tech gadget to make our fitness goals more attainable.  But showing up and doing the work — all the fucking work — even when it’s cold or early, or really fucking hard, well that’s a little like long division.  We’re not expecting to just get fit with the push of a button or in 4 minute workouts.  We’re not just going to do some light jogging around a track or along the flat riverside path.  We’re going to run the hills — the long, hard hills — and earn our result.  There’s great satisfaction to those long, hard workouts like Indiana Jones, which we did today.  It feels really freaking good to know that you got out of it everything you put into it. Old school, grassroots, no-frills work.

Indiana Jones is a pretty badass workout involving small teams who run together in a single-file line.  The leader runs at a consistent, medium pace and the rest follow.  The last person in line sprints past the team and advances to the front of the line, where they resume a medium pace and the rotation continues through the line as many times as necessary to get to the top of the hill.  If you thought just running up the hill was hard, this opens the door to new worlds of “oh my god that was hard and I never thought I could do that but holy shit I just did it.” and that is exactly why we run Indiana Jones.  Because unless you’re Evan Dana, Grady or Arnout, most of us will never choose to sprint for any amount of Summit Ave.  But when we do it–and we don’t take the easier way to the end of the workout–then we show up for the group photo with looks of joy and accomplishment on our faces.  Then we hashtag all our photos with #weekendearned and #hillsforbreakfast, because we’re proud of how hard we worked.  We didn’t just clock in, punch some buttons, and clock out again.  We SHOWED UP, did some long division, and we’re better for it.

If you managed to keep track of the number of hill repeats you ran this morning, record your score on the NP Tracker.

Go crush this weekend and keep changing the world!



  • MONDAY DESTINATION DECK: is at Lovejoy Wharf near the Garden and behind the Converse HQ.  Cool spot.  Exact location and give a verbal here. Most interestingly, we’ll see if CPayne and Chris Chipotle can get their asses back to Boston in time for the workout.  My money is on them definitely missing the bounce at 6:29am, and 42% chance they’ll make it in the group photo.  In honor of the Deck location name “Lovejoy” Wharf, dress in either red or yellow.  Red will represent the LOVE team, and yellow will represent the JOY team.  It’ll be a very joyful, love-filled workout.  All for $0.
  • BUFFS: If you pre-ordered buffs and have not yet paid, pay now!  It will make the pickup of the buffs sooooo easy for you when they come in.  All the payment info is in the buff payment blog here.
  • Next Friday is #PRHills day.  You know what that means.
  • Photo Credit to my friend and #SchDooster master, Boston-half of Dooster, Dylan Ladds.
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