I know, I know. You’re thinking, ‘Oh yeah, that stands for Little Monkeys Often Make Crazy Haberdashery’.

Sorry. It DOESN’T.

What it does stand for is this: LAST MONDAY OF the MONTH – CAPITAL HILL

This is my roundabout way of reminding you all that this coming Monday IS the last Monday of the month and we WILL be at Capital Hill. Right HERE. We DO still have a workout on holidays.

Blackjack skills improved today and we probably helped to bankrupt casinos in the future. Unfortunately, if you drop down and do 19 ‘Hillarys’ after a hand, the casino will most likely kick you out. But we thank NP_NYC for the move.

If you read this far, comment on the facebook album or tweet ‘I promise to LMOMCH’.


If you know anyone in Arizona, let them know about THIS.

If you know anyone in PARIS, let them know about THIS.

If you know anyone in DC, let them know about THIS.

Get out there, enjoy the weekend, SEE YOU MONDAY, 6:30AM.


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