Living to the fullest

“We can honor Samantha by living with a thirst for adventure, loving with every fiber of our being, and laughing harder and louder than anyone at the party.  By living vibrantly and never turning down a challenge, even if it scares the shit out of us.” 

Laura McCloskey, one of the amazing NP Tribe leaders in San Francisco offered us some clarity about what we can do to honor and celebrate the shit out of Samantha Dweck, a heart-filled, positive vibe-sharing, badass tribe member, who lost her life in a tragic kayaking accident this past weekend.  When difficult shit happens, the tribe comes together.  We bounce, we hug, we sweat, and we celebrate the life we have to live each day as it comes.  Our hometown tribe in Boston knew to do this after public tragedies like the Marathon Bombings in 2013, many of us have done it when we’ve faced private tragedies and pain, and we did it this morning.  Today we also wore backwards baseball caps as Sam Dweck always did.

Each time we join together for a workout is amazing.  Each time we overcome challenges to show up and be together is epic.  Sometimes it’s the tired in our bones, or the cold outside, or even the 23 inches of snow that buried you in and kept us from running Harvard Stadium this morning. But coming together and fueling that positive energy, motivation and fire in us is just something special.  It changes us and it changes the world. Who knows what kind of ripples will spread into the world today because we came together? Sure, we came to run, to shovel (thus the “shovel shuffle”), and to play like kids in the snow, because all that is a really good way to get some fitness in the midst of the Beantown winter. We are living life to the fullest.

molly hill

Ripples? We’ve already heard stories of thanks from residents of Summit Ave. who for lots of reasons weren’t able to shovel and are deeply grateful to NP for helping them out.  I walked with a crew down the back side of the hill and we met Paul, who had a lot of snow to move and so, a strong group of 5 or 6 NP’ers cleaned that up in a few minutes.  He stood in awe–attempted to pay us–and curiously asked what exactly NP is…? Another woman thanked us (all) profusely as she explained that she was caring around the clock for her mother who had fallen, and she just wasn’t able to shovel.  We aim to leave our community after the workout better than we found it, and to have an amazingly fun and weird time while we’re there.  That is living life to the fullest.

malcolm shovel

I know that Laura asked us to focus on the bounce, the hugs, the fun, and the fucking joy we get from the tribe and our workout, and we did that. I laughed my ass off this morning seeing the tribe bear crawl up a mountain of snow, crab walk down, and partner human shovel.  I’m deeply sad that Sam Dweck herself will no longer be bouncing, hugging, laughing, and running with the tribe, but we can live with her spirit, and our own positive, #raceeverything, badass spirit every damn day.  It’s what we do.

human shovel
The human shovel. Or a weird game of grab-ass. It’s hard to tell.

I know what I want to do today– I want to tell the people I love that I love them with every fiber of my being.  I want to hug everyone I can.  I want to look like I’m having more fun than everyone else because I truly am– because I’m living to the fullest.  I hope you #justshowup and join me.

We are ONE tribe.  The Tribe is Strong.

See you on Friday, back at the hills for a little Summit Ave déjà vu.

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