Live Monday, Think SUNDAY.

This is going to be quick and dirty:

The Huevos Race by the Boston Brunch Runners was fantastic. Costumes, teams, racing, recruiting, eggs, and then a full brunch buffet?! We are very proud of the entire event and love how many happy NP and non-NPers came out to be involved. Specific props to FJ, Derrick & Marissa, Kreg, and everyone else who helped make the event go.

This week is #SocialMediaWeek. What does that mean? Well, we’re asking you to Tweet, post, share, and blast everything November Project related into the socialsphere as we close in on Sunday’s #EasterHashHunt. Going shopping for ears? Put it out there! Afraid you’ll sound like you’re posting about nothing? Go with it. If YOU think its funny, it most likely is.

This morning we had over 200 people at our #DestinationDeck and from the looks of things you all got a pretty good workout before running home. Nice work.

As you know, the #EasterHashHunt will be a theme race taking place this Sunday. If you’re still looking for the right racing pastels and the perfect fitting bunny ears we highly suggest you take a look at either the Garment District (Cambridge) or iParty (Boston – Boylston) to get your gear in time. RSVP if you haven’t yet.

WEDNESDAY we train, FRIDAY we train, and SUNDAY we race the fuck out of Easter like there is no tomorrow. 11AM start at the Park Street T stop. Recruit your non-NP friends who’d love this kinda thing.

Live your Monday, think about Sunday, and enjoy your week gang.

Looks like it will be 35+ degrees on Wednesday.
Chance of Jake Johnson: 4%
Chance of dog(s) in the mix: 97%
Chance of smiling humans who love life: 100%

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