Little kids, Hand dryers and New records

It was an ordinary Wednesday here in Boston.  We had a 5:30 group and a 6:30 group, both well-attended and ripe with hype, effort and sweat.  We ran Frogman1, which is 50 sections, and a whole lot of people set new PRs, either by time for finishing 50 sections or by distance by finishing a number of sections.  Everyone, record your shit.

You know, and ordinary Wednesday when super fast women like Ildi Gaal set new stadium records–for the second week in a row. Last week she crushed the full tour record for women, and today she set a new Frogman1 record by running 50 sections in 31:48.  People, this is fast.  She will go up on the records wall for all of us women to chase down.  And shit…a lot of you dudes can try to chase that woman down too.  Good luck to us all.


An ordinary Wednesday when we have our young friends Grace and Micah visit us in the stadium for the 5:30 group with their mom and grandmother (regulars) AND their dad (a newbie).  Before leaving Grace helped me lead the bounce and warm up for the 6:30 group.  Grace told the tribe, “Good Morning.” The tribe said “GOOD MORNING” back.  Then Grace said, “Are you good?”  There was this lovely, hilarious…almost slow-motion pause and a slightly pained look came across everyone’s faces.  As if I could see everyone’s brains exploding as the instinctual response to yell, “FUCK YEAH” collided mid-neuron with the socially-conditioned filter to NOT SWEAR around, or at, or toward children, especially 5 and 3 year old children who are super cute wearing tiger hats.  It was a moment I will remember forever, when the tribe realized that FUCK YEAH is a part of our culture, as strong as ever.  So strong that Grace and Micah themselves know what to say when someone from NP asks, “Are you good?”  That’s why, even with a giant pause, we still figured out that the right thing to say was, “FUCK YEAH,” even though we were swearing with children. We’re crossing our fingers that when Grace starts school in the fall, she doesn’t get suspended from school for swearing at her teacher when she gets asked if she’s good.

grace fuck yeah

And on this ordinary of Wednesdays, when the weather report predicted 40% chance of rain WHILE I was standing in the stadium in the rain, I got a lot wetter than I had anticipated when I packed my bag for the day today.  It was 100% raining for most of the 6:30 group.  So hand dryers.  You probably don’t need the whole story with photo documentation of me drying all my clothes (on my body) while standing in the work bathroom, but I’m offering a big shout out to hand dryers on rainy summer mornings when you get cold on your way to work.  BOOM.  #Weatherproof

The Tribe is so very awesome, and strong, and good.  In this holiday week, I hope everyone travels safely and remembers that we ALWAYS show up, even on holidays.  We will be at the hill on Friday for some festive, Fourth of July fun.  Fierce racing on the hills and big rewards for those who show up.  This is a hint, a warning, and a promise…it will be fucking awesome.  See you at the hills!  #verbal.

530 group photo630 group photo

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