Little Big Things (DCA)

A lot about life is celebrating big things. Big accomplishments, big changes, big steps. Some parts of life are about celebrating the little things. Waking up early, going faster than expected on a run, not spilling your coffee on your desk.

Maybe it’s time you celebrate the little big things.

‘What do you mean?’, you ask. Let me explain.

Waking up early = little thing.

A good high five = little thing.

Holding someone’s hand = little thing (sometimes).

Waking up early to build positive community while pushing yourself and others to be better, faster, stronger (Kanye West/Steve) = little big thing.

A good high five as you encourage someone with a smile, a f*ck yeah, and a ‘looking strong!’ = little big thing.

Holding someone’s hand at 7:15AM as you finish your workout together despite being between chemo sessions because you’d rather ‘fill the time…with the hugs and support of all the new friends and always someone to say F*yeah fight on.’ = little big thing.

What makes the little things extremely and utterly different that the little big things? Why does coming to NP and building this positive community while pushing ourselves and others physically and mentally change our city, our lives, and our world?

The things YOU do at November Project might seem little. A smile, a hug, an ‘I’m glad you’re here’, remembering someone’s name and favorite ice cream flavor, pushing someone to do one more log, pushup, or 30 more seconds of plank. But these ‘little’ things are BIG. They are connections. Meaningful friendships that go beyond a name. As someone recently said, this community will soften you up while the rest of the world tries to toughen you up. So let the little things be little big things. Get your ass out of bed. Meet someone new. Change YOUR life and I promise someone will change yours. Let them.


FRIDAY: Meet at CUA at this pin, 6:29AM #EarnYourWeekend

SUNDAY: Tagging party @ Meridian Hill Park, lower section, 4PM. We will also be taking Yearbook Photos.

MONDAY: Last Monday of the month means #HillsForBreakfast @ Capitol Hill. Meet at Peace Circle. Yearbook Photos again.

WEDNESDAY: Fill the stairs. Recruit everyone you know (and don’t know). Smile harder, laugh louder, sweat more. Yearbook photos again.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th: Block off your afternoon from 3-6ish. This will be an EXCLUSIVE event. There will be tickets (FREE of course). The first 250 people get to go. Things you’ll need include running shoes, yoga mat, and thirst. More details coming SOON.



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