Like The Forgotten Middle Child, Leaders Forget It’s NPSF’s Birthday

We turned two last Thursday.

Remember when you turned two? Was there cake? Balloons? A couple new shiny toys? I didn’t get those things because I am a middle child. So I suppose it’s no surprise that I missed my own child’s birthday last week.

But in a scramble to make up for it, I thought I would list a few statistics for your viewing pleasure.

Since starting NPSF in May 2013:

– There have been over 2000 newbies

– Clayton has invented 29 workouts in the shape of a childhood board game

– Paddy has lived out his ‘Remember the Titans’ warm up dream 19 times

– The police have come to ‘say hi’ 4 times

– Mitch Westwood has hugged people in such a comforting way that 47 times he was left with a grown man sobbing on his shoulder for the remainder of the workout

– Weston has run with a shirt on 2 times

– Weston has attended 148 workouts

– Paddy has shown up to 89 workouts still drunk from the night before

– Laura has shown up to 192 workouts with no plan prior to arriving

– Tantek has passed Bill Gates as ‘the most influential person working in the computer world today’

-Andrew Hutchinson has made 52 girls stop dead in their tracks with admiration for such a beautiful specimen

– Jorge has completed 24 workouts with cookies shoved down his pants to keep warm for a post workout snack

– Sam Livermore has shattered my ear drums 8 times

-Between Kylie and Lindsay Bolt, there have been 32 hair style and color changes


Maybe I’ll continue the list Wednesday? Alta Plaza! 5:30 and 6:25 AM! GET SOME! DSC_0655





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