Lights, camera, action! (SEA)

Yet another awesome week up here in the Pacific Northwest.  Like every tribe around North America, at November Project Seattle, the highs are high and the lows… Well, they’re few and far between.

On Thursday, #NP_SEA had their first social gathering thanks to tribesmen Gabe Hajiani and Brian Marr.  The two dudes took the reigns on the operation and gathered everyone at a favorite local spot, Rhein Haus.  We hugged, we laughed, we got to know each other, and honestly, we got kind of drunk.  Throughout the night, about 50 people came through to say hello, to drop off some gear to get tagged, or to share a pint with their community.  The tribe is strong.


This morning was #YearbookPhotos and believe me when I say, the folks in Seattle (for the most part) had no idea what to expect.  With a theme as vague as #BusinessAsUsual, the opportunity for interpretation was massive.  We saw sport coats and blazers, ties and suspenders, spandex and running shorts, sweaters and “dad” slacks, and even a pair of “his and hers” pajama tops.  We’re a weird group of yahoos out here, but we have a damn good time.


As for the workout, that leader of yours needs to do a better job of explaining things.  However, it was incredible to see individuals stepping up and taking control of their small group while we were scattered around the park.  It would be easy to throw your hands up in the air and wait for someone to show you exactly what to do, but not this crew.  The handful of you (which is growing each week, I might add) that improvise to accomplish what we’re all there to achieve (a kick-ass workout while building a community of badasses), your presence is felt and stronger than ever.

Lastly, we gave out the #PositivityAward this week.  The recipients of the award are elite and we plan to keep it that way.  It’s not our intention to give this award out each week, but when we do, it will be well-deserved.  Mary Wiegand has been showing up at Gas Works Park on Wednesdays long before Seattle started pledging November Project.  She’s there every week with a smile on her face and a genuine love for her community in her heart.  She commutes from the East side and is quick to offer rides in the Mary Carpool if that means more people will attend our Wednesdays.  She was the life of the party at the NP Social.  She makes everyone feel special.  We’re lucky to have you, Mary.  Thanks for all you do.


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