Lights, Camera, ACTION (DCA)

Quit talking. Just stop. But not because I don’t want to hear your voice. After multiple musical renditions of various classic rock songs over the last year or so, I want to hear more from you. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

November Project is a beautiful thing. It’s a community where someone can be themself, be crazy, be accepted. An NP LAX leader summed it up pretty well in this post. We’ve talked and talked about this. You’ve talked about it. You’ve told everyone you know about it. And they’re probably sick of hearing it. We’ll still keep talking.  But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Here’s the throwdown. We talk about change. Changing our lives. Changing our city. Changing the world. And not to discredit that which we’ve accomplished so far. Things are definitely different relative to before we arrived. And we’ve been in the LIGHTS. But there’s more to do. There always will be. It’s more than what’s on CAMERA. And it starts with taking those tired feet on which you track millions of NP miles, and taking ACTION.

Go out of your way. Get uncomfortable. Do something for someone you know. Something for someone you don’t know. Smile. Hug. Make someone else smile. Get to know someone. Don’t just ask how someone is. Ask HOW SOMEONE IS. You know what I mean. Break out of your comfort zone and CHANGE YOUR WORLD. You won’t regret it.



Tagging will happen next week (weather pending. Paint is not as weatherproof as us)

TWO big events coming up this month:

1. SUNRISE 6K. We’re going to prove how fast DC is. We’re racing ourselves and racing the rest of the NP world on Feb. 25th. We’ll meet at Lincoln like normal. But we’ll race a little different. GET READY. Feel free to trash talk your friends in other cities.

2. Start saving your cardboard, your cereal boxes, your beer boxes, etc. and get ready for a #RecruitingPapers Party. Feb. 20th. More info coming soon. For now, watch this video from a previous event.


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