Life is like a wet, rainy playground on a sort of warm November day

Just like Forrest Gump had some wisdom to share from every little moment, so does NP.

You can work hard anywhere.

That makes me think of our cool location this morning.  We did some hard shit in a playground.  We were surrounded by slides and swings, climbing structures, and interesting apparatuses conducive to playing, yet we were challenged to get in groups of 4 and collectively complete a total of 800 push ups, 800 sit ups, and 4 laps across the cool, lit-up bridge in the shadow of the Boston landmark, the Lenny Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge.  It was an awesome place to workout this morning.  And only a couple of the groups said they actually finished the workout before our cut off time.  So, remember this: you can work hard anywhere.  Who says you can’t finish your part of your team’s 800 pushups today?  Sure, you’re at work, you might have to boldly go where no one usually goes and drop for 20 in the conference room, cafeteria, hallway, elevator, stairwell, your cube, or in your boss’s office.  DO IT. Do it at the T stop, on the train, or in the bus. You might just use the big stall in the bathroom where you can crush one more set, and then wash your hands reaaaaaaaal good.  Crazier, weirder things have happened.  We once did Bojan’s in a field of goose shit…you can do some pushups in the bathroom if you have to.  I dare you to finish the workout today.  Fuck yeah you can! And take a photo, take a video, post that shit to twitter, FB, IG, or whatever your social media outlet is.  #FinishEveryNPWorkout


Sometimes it rains and you aren’t sure you want to get down in the puddle to do sit ups, but then you do and it’s really not as bad as you thought it was going to be.

That makes me think of the new NP Tracker.  Some folks love it, some folks really don’t.  The bottom line is it’s new and it seems impersonal in some ways and you may not be really sure what’s going to happen with your info or happen to you if you create an account.  Well, it’s just like that puddle.  You’re not sure what will happen but when you sit your ass down and start doing sit ups, you realize that it’s the same shit that we’ve been doing for years.  The NP Tracker is important in two key ways: first, it is essential to all tribes being able to grow and for us to really have a good idea how big membership is getting in all tribes.  But more importantly, it will allow us to keep doing what we’ve always been doing as our tribe grows.  No longer are the days of 35 people who can write down their times after finishing a full tour on PR day.  No longer are the days of 1, 2, or 3 volunteers sitting with laptops at the top of section 1 to record people’s times.  We have wanted this tracker to make all our lives easier while we all race our asses off and get faster.  Your information goes NO WHERE, it is not sold, used, manipulated in any way.  We don’t send you weird emails or track you down.  It is a tracker for our scores.  That’s it. #JustShowUp and #RaceEverything.  And now you can #TrackYourBadassScores too.


Take advantage of the day.

That makes me think of how nice and warm it was today.  It has been freezing, which makes it harder to motivate to get outside and work hard.  Today reminded us how good it feels when we get up anyway–and we can be grateful for a mild day, but the weather just isn’t going to stop us from enjoying the heck out of our workouts!!  The rain isn’t going to make us melt, it will just make us wet.  Tommy Layman and Nick Stamas are perfect examples of tribe members who Take Advantage of the Day. The two are co-winners of the prestigious Positivity Award, given to good people who represent the spirit of November Project.  On Saturday–a really darn cold day–these two men showed up at Harvard Stadium as early as we do on Wednesdays, just to wear #GrassrootsGear, hold NP posters, and hype this #FreeFitness movement in a ridiculously strategic spot.  ESPN’s College Game Day will never be the same. Well done gentlemen.  Well done.


That was awesome.  Let’s do it again.

That makes me think of Wednesday.


PR Wednesday.

In two days.

Let’s do this amazing, awesome, hard, free fitness, badass thing again. Bring your friends, bring your mom.  Bring your badass self and get ready to RACE.

More free Celtics tickets will be given out.

#PR_BG.  Those posting PRs will take photos posing as Brogan Graham, in honor of his speedy PR and his time as a resident of Boston. You will probably get to wear the chain. Bring your badassery and earn that PR photo!

#GrassrootsGear.  Bring your shit to get tagged.  Amazing volunteers will be painting during the 5:30 and 6:30 groups.  Be proud, get tagged.

The Tribe is Wet.  The Tribe is doing pushups everywhere.  The Tribe looks like this:


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