Let’s Recap (DCA)

So we just completed our first year (Jan-Dec) of November Project DC. And it’s been 434 days since we became an official NP tribe. That’s 154 workouts, sunrises, ‘Good Mornings’, and ‘F Yeahs’. That’s at least 3000 pushups, 500 hoisties, and 50000 high fives (give or take).

Here’s what I think of 2014:

Taylor Swift brainwashed us. I have a blank space in my mind because I know lyrics to her songs. Now that I got that out, here’s what I really think. 2014 was the best year of my life. Here’s the great part about living like we (November Project members) do. Every moment in life, every thing we do, every person we meet, every hug is more enjoyable than the last. 2014 was a fantastic year. I’ve accomplished a lot (as I’m sure a lot of us have). But the achievements are only part of the fun. The other part is the experiences. The cool thing is knowing that 2015 is going to be even better. That may or may not be due to some tricks we have up our sleeves, some plans for the new year. But mostly, it’s because of the excitement paired with meeting new people and taking a journey with those you already know. Be prepared to do both as you change your city, your outlook on life, and your attitude towards others. Be out of the ordinary. Don’t just follow along with the pack. Stand out. Stand up. Stand tall. Take a second tonight as you hopefully look around at those you love. Then set a purpose. The party is just beginning. JOIN IT. JUST SHOW UP. YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

Today’s photos here.

FRIDAY: Mt. Vernon Square, 6:28AM #EarnYourYear

That’s all. Signing off for 2014.



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