Let’s go Blue Jays!

Tensions were high this morning. No one would admit it, of course. Workout comes before play but we all know what was really behind the scenes. It’s sudden death; if the Jays don’t win tonight they are out. If they don’t win the two games after that, they’re out. So many Torontonians are invested in today’s outcome, not necessarily because they are die hard baseball fans, but mainly because the city hasn’t had this much hype about our team in 22 years. It’s been 22 years since the Blue Jays have been in the playoffs and the general population would reminisce to a memory long ago when they were World Series Champions….I was 7 years old. No matter, there is renewed hope in the air and the city is on tenterhooks (I’ve always wanted to use that word) to see if they can muster the absolutely necessary victory tonight. Concentrating on the baseball game at 6:29am this morning was not an option though, there was hard work to be done and it demanded a focus that left very little room for daydreams……unless it’s when you’re holding the plank position, it is then that daydreams are you very best friend!

It had been requested by a member of the tribe that our next work out have more stairs in it. Wish granted. Sam and I conspired to create a workout that would bring the tribe to their knees and wish for stairs no more! The feedback following suggested success, but instead of wishing that they never had to endure it, there was a clear display of satisfaction for having put in the hard work and being able to rise to the challenge. Dedication was evident by many, especially when I witnessed Taylor reject Sam’s offer to take a moment to sign the waiver. She said she didn’t want to at the moment because she wanted to do the full workout and not stop, not even for a second. Respect. Next week’s work out comes highly recommended from a November Project legend, DG aka Daniel Graham. Having had the true pleasure of being seated beside him for the flight back from the Summit he was kind enough to share his favourite workout  with me and I’m kind enough to pass it on to the TO tribe. Brace yourselves 🙂

In conclusion to this morning’s 35min of earning the burning, before the tribe took our photo we grouped together and bowed our heads to pray to the gods of baseball. We fervently prayed that the lord of baseball would look favourably upon the Blue Jays and give them all that they needed to win tonight. Will it work? I have no clue but in the end it was just for fun. And fun is an essential component of NP. Not that you could tell by our group pics 😉 You may find the video evidence of this prayer on my and NP Toronto’s FB page. No visual evidence because it’s dark as shit out but the audio is very clear 🙂

YYZ Oct 21st 2015

PS. I can’t wait for the sun to start shining sooner. I put up the artificial lighting as far as it could go before it would wash out our faces entirely. I also can’t wait for when we get a better camera.

PPS. Don’t forget to use The Tracker to keep track of your results!

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