Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!


Set the scene:
A gang of hooligans, circled up, hooting, hollering, throwing fists in the air, gritting teeth, and stomping feet. At the center of the circle, Orrin and LP from SD square up, bouncing, gloves on, dukes up. Ding ding ding! Game faces on. It’s Boxing Day, and shit’s about to get real. A slew of straight rights, left hooks, and upper cuts, and the circle goes crazy! Black eyes and bloody noses. Orrin is a mess… That’s what Boxing Day is all about, right? …That is what “Boxing Day” means, right? Wait, no? Not literal boxing? That’s what Orrin told me… Wrong kind of boxing? Must be a British thing. I dunno??


So the tribe is all riled up, warmed up, and pumped to work off that Christmas feast from the night before. Time to put in some work.

Let’s recap:
-way to many box jumps
-crap ton of burpees
-sprints like we’re being chased by wolves
-positive vibes all around

You’ve all earned your weekend LA! You got together this morning while the rest of LA was sleeping off their hangovers. You’re the badass folks that wake up the sun for the rest of Los Angeles. You get the weekend started right, for the rest of the city to follow your example. Get shit done this weekend, and get ready for Wednesday, when we get to wake up and do it all over again!


Think back to a day when shit just wasn’t going right. You were pissed, and the world was against you. And on that miserable day, some stranger did something out of the ordinary, something small and unnecessary, that turned your day around, even if just a tiny bit. A smile forced on your face, sore from frowning all day. Realize that single, tiny act, had an impact on your day, on your mood, and potentially, even in a minor way, on your life. Now go return the favor, and force that smile on to the angry face of a stranger that needs a little pick me up. Change the city, one small act of kindness at a time.

-Fairwell Lady of the Lake. Echo Park, you treated us well, but it’s time to move on.
TRAVELING HILLS begin next FRIDAY. Each Wednesday night, we will announce Friday’s location. Time to explore the city!


(No tribe members were harmed in the making of this morning’s warm ups. Although, Orrin’s pride is a little bruised…)

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