Let Me Hear Those Lady Turkeys Gobble! (LAX)

Wake up and hear the gobbles.  I think that’s how the expression goes.  The sound of all you lady turkeys and man turkeys was better than any wild turkey calls I’ve ever heard before.  And believe me, I’ve been on some wild turkey hunts.  Peru, Iceland, Turkey, Dubai they all had their perks and wild turkeys but not as wild as the ones here in LA.


With your caruncle flapping around, your sweaty snoods, and the waddle of your wattle you could tell there were PRs to be had. Also who would have thought that all you gobblers would get PR wasted today.  Well the proof is in the stuffing that you’ve been working hard and wanted to earn that cranberry sauce slathered on top of ya.  Not to mention the giant hunk of pumpkin pie ready to be devoured.

So kudos to you Meleagris Pallopavo, you’ve earned yourself a dinner and a thankful day.



Homework– Tell three people that you are thankful for having them in your life!

#NP_TSA– If you are traveling for the feast take of photo of yourself in your terminal, train, smelly bus and include the #NP_TSA. who knows maybe you’ll find a new NP friend on the same route or someone who is looking for a feast.


To the biggest turkey of them all! Gabe we will miss you!



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  1. Hi!

    I heard about the November Project via Chris McDougal on an NPR piece recently. I hate gyms/haven’t belonged to a gym since college. Maybe it’s partially from being cheap, but I also hate the rat in-a-cage syndrome that it promotes. I just moved to Dubai and suffice it to say, it’s f’ing hot here (summer temperatures get up to 120 degrees during the day). I still run outside (early AM or late evening when the sun is not yet up), but need a tribe to help inspire me to get out more frequently and vary my workouts. Does November Project have a tribe of people in Dubai I can connect with? Do you NOT have one yet, and want someone to start organizing a chapter here? Thanks so much! XJackie

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