Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!!!

The title says it all. Here in MSP, we got dumped on. And it was awesome. A foot of snow in most metro areas in 19 hours. Run-commuting was faster than driving this morning. Everything about #stormkayla (they name winter storms now) was only necessary in order for MinneSNOWta to live up to its nickname. If you were at the Mill with us this morning, bravo. If you were NEW, #fuckyeah. If you slept instead..we missed you.

The morning started with a couple rounds of quickdraw where we partnered up, step out 5 paces away from our partners, did 5 burpees, and then pointed at our partner yelling “HUH!” Whoever got done first and yelled “HUH!” won that round. The second round was pretty funny. Instead of doing regular burpees, we did backwards burpees where you had to lay back in the snow and get up real fast. What better way to start the morning than to embrace the piles of white powder all over the place?!

The workout itself started underneath one of the arches of the Stone Arch Bridge. Yes, the workout this morning started in that little sand pit we call #burpeebeach.  To start, everyone did 2 burpees, then ran down to hop-rock (you could run on the semi-plowed path or beeline through the drifts of snow), hopped off of it (most kind of slipped off it)m ran all the back up, past burpee beach to the street level and then back down a little switch back path the goes behind burpee beach. Once we returned to burpee beach, we did 4 burpees, and so on so forth, increasing the number of burpees done each time a lap was completed. We did this for 30 minutes, took a quick and snowy photo, and went about our day.

To those of you that came: mornings like these make us a tribe. A tribe relies on one another, we hold each other accountable for showing up. When its hard to get there and you guys show up, it’s what sustains the tribe. Way to go!

To those that we missed: It’s okay, we live in Minnesota. You’ll have many more chances 🙂


Buffs are in! Bring $5 to Wednesday workouts, we’ll sell ’em until they’re gone!

#destinationfridays: This week we’re at Deming Heights Park! Look for the Pin drop on Twitter/FB! 6:27am, meet at the top of the hill by the sign with the park’s name!

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