Legs, meet Monday, she’s gonna straight up destroy you

Mondays are here! Mondays are official! Officially gonna kick your ass!

That’s right, for those of you rubbing the crusties out of your eyes right now, you aren’t dreaming, you just missed the first Official Monday for NPSD. But don’t cry! Don’t go back to bed! We’re doing it EVERY MONDAY – Convention Center Stairs downtown – just check Facebook the day before to see where on the labyrinth we will meet. We can’t have anyone hanging out at the Friendship Flame alone!

Here are the basics:

1. We hopped
2. We ran
3. We lunged
4. We fought Godzilla with an army of red, white, blue
5. We had ALMOST three pukers
6. We saluted those that dedicate(d) their lives for our country
7. We hugged
8. We all agreed that coming back next week was a good idea

So enjoy the crawling up stairs tomorrow, going down the backwards and try not to mess your self when you remember you get to do it all again next week!
Happy Monday San Diego!

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

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