Legit Sweat (MSP)

Above Freezing. Let’s start there. Today was MSP’s first ever workout in non-freezing degrees. Hands, legs, and grass were all exposed to celebrate what we daringly call “Springtime”.

We got even warmer with the usual loop around the mall, followed by a good ol’ fashioned wheel barrel race on the lawn. Today’s main workout was six laps of stair-stepping, hopping, and sprinting around the “Platinum Ring”. Each lap was broken up with mini lunge, burpee, and hoistee sessions. After a week long hiatus, Brent B returned… and crushed the loops. Strong effort was received from all. We used some spare time at the end for a little extra core, and a continuous relay to make sure the people got their money’s worth.

Eventually, we all had to go our separate ways to take on the rest of the day. November Project was merely a start to our day, but a mighty start it was.

Next Wednesday, we will be meeting on the river side of the Mill City Museum instead of Coffman. Join this positive and energetic tribe!!

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