Leap Day (DEN)

Do you like exercise? Do you like things that are free? Do you like having friends? Do you like having friends that you don’t have to pay for? Do you enjoy getting fit with like minded people? Does using the phrase “like minded people” make you feel like you are part of a community? Do you enjoy feeling like you are part of a community? Does yelling profanities like “fuck” and “horny penguins” at 6 in the morning make you feel good about yourself? Does Pepsi really taste different than coke? Do you dread hugging sweaty people? Are you looking for a place to hug sweaty people? Do you read the blog hoping there’s a purpose to it? Have you stopped reading this because you fear this post might lack purpose entirely? Do you have anything arguably better to be doing right now? Are all of the new puppies at NP straining your relationship because you are trying to force your partner to get a puppy with you? Is Dan secretly trying to win power back over the tribe through leading carefully sculpted injury deck workouts? Have you ever wondered exactly how many jelly beans you could fit in your mouth before anyone noticed? Are Chad and Aaron really the original Men in Black? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, please see us after class.

By the way, today was glute/leg heavy because we are celebrating the Leap Year. But we forgot to tell you (6:15 group) that. Now you know.

FRIDAY: Gov’s Park

WED 2/9: We will be at the Capitol Building again! Please RECRUIT. Did you see our newbie group today? Matt, Will, Elise, Kim and the one with the coolest name that I can’t remember only because it was the most unique?



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