Lean on Me: Wallsits.

(get it^ 😉

I’m about to hop on a plane (delayed until after the workout, for obvious reasons), so I’m going to keep this one short.

Workouts at November Project San Diego are fun, and they are hard.  At the same time you’re happy and proud you woke your ass up to come to the workout, you’re cursing that decision as you climb (that damn) hill/stairs deep in the Jungle.  So, in summary, it was awesome, social, and active.  Wednesday morning – √.

euge bday

But what else happened this morning?  Shoot, what happened in just the last few minutes (while the three up front talked, and talked, and talked… We know, we know, you reeeeally want to get to work ;)?  We recognized a tribe member for getting back to the workouts after giving a kidney to a friend in need.  We recognized a a badass chick that rocked the Rock n Roll Marathon, and took the bronze.  We celebrated some folks getting older.  We welcomed back a new mother and her little, tiny, ADORABLE baby boy.  We bunched together, head hands, threw our arms around one another, and bowed our heads in a brief moment of silence.  Silence for the senseless suffering of others.  

The names of the above, they don’t really matter –  We care about our fellow man/women/human – Period.  Whether in celebration or grievance, it fills my heart every time I look out at this tribe, and never fail to see the good in people.  You’re all making a difference just being who you are.

Thank you, NPSD.  You brightening my day on a daily basis.


All of those announcements you probably tuned out:

Next Monday:  Mt. Soledad

SunRise 6K:  Monday, July 11th – 6:29AM – Crystal Pier

YearBook Photos: THEME: #weatherspoof – get as sarcastic as you’d like with this one (umbrella? Winter hat? Mittens? Galoshes?)  Wednesday, July 6th.  Let’s blow this one up guys – get out EVERYONE you can to join in the fun!

SIGN UP FOR SUMMIT – Renew those passports, or get one. Because we’re hauling out to Ontario, Canada, North America. Details in this blog post. And members are already actively planning stuff in thisFacebook group.

ken np


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