Last mammal sprints (BAL)

It ain’t easy trying to please everyone.

When Nick and I were discussing today’s workout at 9:30 last night–which is what happens when Sydney isn’t around to keep us in line–we thought we could create a solid workout based around what I grew up calling “Indian sprints.” Most people know what these are: you get a group of people to jog together in a line, and the person in the back of the line sprints to the front, followed by the new last person, and so on. However, we realized that this was a pretty insensitive term, especially since I don’t know the origin of the name of this exercise and can’t imagine it was out of respect (the US doesn’t have a very good track record with this cohort of people). So, a quick Google search told me that another, more appropriate term is “last man sprints.” Harmless enough, right? Or so we thought, until Andrea, our 6:30am #Sunrise6k winner, pointed out that this was also questionable because there are women who do this exercise as well. Okay FINE, “last individual sprints.” Nope, not good enough either. Thanks to our consistent troupe of four-legged friends, particularly Andrea’s beloved Jasper (seen strutting his stuff behind Andrea in the photo linked above), we finally settled on “last mammal sprints.” And there, I’ve wasted two minutes of your life explaining the origin of the title of this blog post to you. Happy Friday!

Best of luck to the fierce band of brothers and sisters tackling tomorrow’s Monument-to-Monument Run. That’s right, there’s a group of people passionate enough about running (and biking!) to take on the full 38.6 miles that separates the Washington Monument in Baltimore from the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. Sponsored by November Project Baltimore. Membership? FREE.

Consume large morsels of reality (I believe this is the more PC way of Nick’s “take big bites out of life”),


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