La la, la la laaaaaaa, Warm It Up…

Set your clocks to rad and spring out of your overrated bed this week. As you read this post you can actually feel it warming up… can you feel it?

It’s simple. Hundreds of humans, the good kind, are waiting for you each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The range of athletic ability is large. One thing is for sure, at the moment we’re all in motion at 6:30AM, we’re far more athletic than anyone that’s still in bed growing their soft ass. Please pass this post along to your friends who are still not sure and remain “on the fence”. Gently remind them that they’re not maximizing their fitness or fun levels and that this will change their life. NOVEMBER PROJECT. Maybe we’re full of ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to see when you’re buried in a pile of hugs and racing. Recruit more good people and let’s build this thing to a hilariously large tribe.

WEDNESDAY: Big paint day of #GrassrootsGear for our brethren in Madison. DG will be manning the can of spray paint. He taught Brogan how to do it, so you know that he’s good.

In Boston we’ll meet at 6:30AM for the gathering, plan of attack, and execution of the beat down workout that will leave you worked, energized, and proud. Folks from New Balance will be training with us and because of some official group photos & video going on next week (more to info come soon) we may have an announcement or two that involves some “initialing here” and “signing there.” Bandaid style everyone, we’ll get through it quick, and then we can go play. Stay tuned.

FRIDAY: Starting in with the mean guy voice now… PLEASE KEEP YOUR VOICES TO A NINJA WISPER UNTIL 7AM. We’re on VERY thin ice with Officer Brother. Stay out of the way of all traffic and PLEASE keep it ninja until 7AM. Sorry for yelling, I didn’t start it. As far as the workout goes… come ready to WORK. Full hills. Full volume. Earn your weekend.

Do you have your costumes together yet for the November Project spring race? Get on it, #EasterHashHunt is almost here. 3/31, 11AM, Park Street MBTA… Details & RSVP here.

Are you on track to earning your badass kicks from New Balance? Continue training with us and you’ll have new sneakers by April. Details here.

Did you rise & shine with us today at North End Park? Then you’ll find your name below…eventually. Didn’t get to it yet, busy day today… Happy Monday ya’ll!

Adam A
Alli Armstrong
Alyssa Arnold
Amelia Nelson
Amy Griffin
Andrew Rotz
Andrew Schwartz
Anna Kochalko
Anthony D
Anton Lysenko
Ari Ofsevit
Arnout Schepers
Ashley Shaffer
Berrin Boyce
Bill Fallon
Brad Smith
Brain Garland
Brent Eska
Brigitte G
C. Drake
Caitlyn Ferguson
Caroline Shannon
Chad Vern
Chris Baucom
Christen Scanlon
Christian Mantilla
Christine Chen
Cindy Samaan?
Collin Buesser
Connor Green
Courtney Evert
Dan Stoloff
Danielle DH
Danny Berteletti
David Meixner
Denise Hwang
Deniz K
Derrick Shallcross
EL Torpedo
Eddie Baurchies
Eddie Fleck
Elif Mamak
Elin Flashman
Elizabeth Eyerer
Emily Neumann
Emily Pohlod
Eric Holtzman
Erica Holt
Erin McDonagh
Erin Sunderland
Evan Dana
Geoffrey Cole
Georgia Wright-Simmons
Gina Gallagher
Ginny Fuller
Greg Salwitz?
Hanna Rossi
Hannah Pierce
Heidi Hassler
Helena Monteiro
Isaac Fowler
Jakie Curley
Jason LQ
Jenny hughes
Jess Colgan-Snyder
Jessica Lederman
John Kelleher
Jon Day
Jullius Lee
Justin McHugh
Justin Scheiber
Kaley Goodwill
Kara L
Karli DelRossi
Kate Kennedy
Kate O’Keiffe
Kathleen M
Katie Raymond
Katie Weinmann
Kelly Stecker
Kelsey Taylor
Kevin Doran
Kevin Hopper
Kim Young
Kreg P
Kresten Pamper
Krinten McIntire
Kristen Shearer
Kristy Levonsen
Kyla Natichioni
L. Smith
Lanieza?? Goodman??
Laura Jennings
Laura Williams
Lauren Davis
Lauren Goodman
Lauren Paltisler
Ldurd?? Wiatt
Lena King
Lisa L
Lucia Reusher
Luis Chunga
Maeghan Ehyenne
Manuel Gonzales
Marissa Frongillo?
Marsha Whitman
Mary Elise Donigton
Mary McGinty
Matt McGarry
Matt Onorato
Matt Robillard
Max Goldberg
Meredith Sparano
Mike Behan
Mila Deyah?
Miranda Hlanig
Morgan Brown
Neil Cronin
Nelson K
Nicholas Panarello
Nick Marianaro
Nick Stamas
Nicole Cammorata
Nicole Prezioso
Patricia Ritey???
Patrick Burq?
Petra Weiss
Phuc Thai
Renata K
Ricki Feldman
Rishabh M
Rosa Evora
Samantha Laine
Sana?? urbarni???
Sandy Redd
Sarah Moret
Shane Tylesinski
Stephanie Teurk
Sylvia Garfield Wright
Tania D
Terry CacCormack
Tim Jones
TusaRebecca Schap
Ty Taylor
Will Gibson
Xander Miller
Yen Le
Zac Wyner
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