Kristen & THE RAIN CHECK by Joseph Aucoin

Joseph Aucoin writes to November Project today about his friend and fellow NP member who didn’t make it this morning…

Quick synopsis of Kristen: I met her through BSSC floor hockey (she’s on my team), and she’s accomplished a lot- ran the Harpoon 5 miler, she’s running the Mt. Washington race, and she’s even raced the Boston Marathon. This past weekend, she partied with several of us in the Hamptons like a true rock star.

Today, however, she bailed because of a few drops of rain. Not only that, but yesterday she proclaimed that she was “finally going to run the entire stadium!” I even offered to buy her a beer ahead of time last night after our game, though ironically, she opted to “take a rain-check“. How fitting…

Thanks in advance for posting a “We Missed You” for my dear friend Kristen. She bailed on me for a run a couple of months ago, but that was before NP. She had gone to the past 5 stadiums in a row, but I guess that’s why records were meant to be broken.
Cheers, -Joe

Kristen, its all pretty simple. You made a promise to fellow member and you broke it. You are still a great person and one workout shy of being a great athlete. We hate to have you taste the bottom of the bus today (a bus driven by your pal Joe) but we have to let you know that we have rules and we stick to them… you’re on the wall.

We Missed You Kristen.

Everyone & Joe

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