Knowing What’s Important (YEG)

I’ve been told that a little hum can scare away porcupines and coyotes. After a run in with one or both or none of those this past week, it was only necessary that we made sure the hill was clear. This is going to sound weird, but apparentlty there’s a lot of research that has been done on hums. A little hum can be calming. Some people say they’re more productive when there’s a little hum. Some have even claimed that when there is a little hum, their feet get warmer. You’re probably wondering what I think about a little hum. And even if you’re not, I’m going to tell you anyways. I think a little hum can bring all sorts of people together to do amazing things. But then sometimes, I get sick of a little hum and just want to cause a ruckus. Becuase you sometimes have to keep the little hum in check. The moral of the story is that when Jen, Tyler and Andrew are not here, safety first. Remember, it’s not about how fast you get up that hill, or how many times you make it to the top. We often say the important thing the number of real interactions, the number of high fives and the number of hugs you have at a workout. That is true most of the time. However, all of the time, it is actually about the number of times you didn’t get eaten by a porcupine or quilled by a coyote. Today, we all received a passing grade, I hope. Teacher Jen would be proud. Jen is currently on a horse.


Monday, we will be working out on Government Hill. It is probably best to run TO this spot FROM a different spot.

Sunday November 8th – Better than Bed Time. Here’s most of what you need to know. We will meet at 2pm. TOGETHER, we will run (up to 5k) from somewhere to somewhere else (some type or eating/drinking establishment – we are just confirming if we can have minors), where we will be able to have more real interactions and ask those deep questions that you’ve always wondered about someone (like where they get their hair cut). We’ll give you the location where we will meet later on, but you need to know the theme now. It’s very simple. The theme is Black and White. B&W.  You have full creative control on your outfit and what you decide to do with this. Whatever you decide, make good decisions.


Find the Good,


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