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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that what we do at November Project workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings become metaphors for all the non-NP workout moments of our lives.  At least, that’s how I see it.  And since I get to spew all my thoughts to you in this cool little bloggy thingy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you get to see how NP is not only fierce, fun, weekly workouts for frigging FREE, it is also a simple guide for life.

Here’s the lesson for today, brought to you by the old-school “Run-Deck-Run” school of life lessons.

Run-Deck-Run is exactly what it says.  You pick a location and run to it.  There, you use a deck of cards to guide you through 26 sets of pushups (black suits) and 26 sets of situps (red suits), with the reps in each set being determined by the number on the card.  After completing that as quickly as possible, you run back home and have a great day.

It’s pretty perfect actually.  You could just do the deck at home, but it’s better to run too.  You could do the deck before or after you run, but there’s less excitement about the destination.  And the name “Destination Deck” just feels a little exotic and exciting.  Not so much erotic and exciting.  That’s a different kind of free fitness group.  But my point is there’s simplicity in knowing “I’m going there…I’m going to do that deck, which has a beginning and an end…and then I’ll come back here.”  You see, I think we all have a lot of shit going on in our lives.  It’s never quite so simple as having one thing to do.  We have a million things that need to be done.  But we are only capable of doing one thing at a time.  If we try to juggle and switch back and forth with lots of things, we get ourselves into sticky spots.  We either experience NONE of our stuff fully–because we’re always distracted and thinking about the other shit while we’re doing this shit.  Or, we diminish our ability to do stuff well, because we’re spreading our attention in too many places.  The result?  We usually feel like we don’t have time, we’re not enjoying what we’re doing, and we don’t feel as good at it and as effective as we could.

I’m not saying everyone has this challenge, but I talk to a few people from time to time, and I’m pretty confident that this isn’t unusual. Does it sound familiar?

So the Destination Deck we did this morning in Boston–in the beautiful waterfront location of the public Dock along Storrow Dr. by Mass Ave.–the “deck on da dock” gives us a solid lesson for the start of this week.  Keep it simple.  Run.  Deck.  Run.  One card at a time.  Turn the card and do that set. You simply can’t do all the cards at once, so let yourself be fully focused on the card on top.  When it’s done, take a breath and turn the next one.  Before you know it, you’ll have completed the deck.  And then you run home.  (Hopefully you enjoy the scenery along the way too.)

Life is busy and life is sometimes really hard.  We can keep it simple.  Just take a lesson from your good friends at November Project.  The big dudes may not have known what the fuck they were building when they built this movement with little things like Destination Decks, but they’ve got pretty good instincts about how to live a good life.  Fierce, fun, free, hugs, fitness, community. Hashtag all that.

Boom.  The tribe is strong.


We are sooooooo meeting at Harvard Stadium on Wednesday.  The “super secret” 5:30 group is actually loud and proud.  Are you tough enough to hang with them?  The big and popular 6:30am group is definitely big and popular…and your friends need to come.  I’ll be there.  We will be there.  It’s simple.  Just Show Up.

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