Katie Deans: WTF!?

We have been happy with this new “person” who has “joined the tribe” recently. She goes by the “name” of “Katie Deans.” I know, totally a fake “name,” right?

Her “commitment” last week and today was also pretty fake. Fake, fake, fake. Worse yet, her progress in our workouts is showing that if, and the key word is IF, she can beat her laziness and actually arrive to the workout on MON, WED & FRI with the rest of us, that she can continue to get faster. Like last week, “Katie Deans” lost her very first race of the day to her alarm clock. She even missed out on today’s fence jumping good times and will never know what it feels like to be a member without her “face” on this section of our unbeatable “website.”

We do this out of “love” because we want the tribe to continue to bringing you into their loving, strong, and very fast arms and build this community with good humans like you… with that said… this morning… down by the Charles River… as the sun peaked out over Boston to start a new day and a very fresh New England week… “We Missed You.”

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