Karl The Fog, Way to Honor That Verbal (SF)

This entire week of SF temperatures high above 80 degrees has been sun burning bliss. No body went to work, the beaches actually had people with bathing suits lounging on them, and there was even one night that I left my house after dark and didn’t need my North Face down jacketblanket.

So our spirits were high as we approached the Friday workout at Ocean Beach. Maybe, just maybe, we will have warm sand and sunshine to bask in. Maybe, just maybe, Karl the Fog will miss his alarm clock. Wrong.

For those who live outside of San Francisco, the fog that rolls out over the bay is named Karl. And he can be a reaaaaal asshole sometimes. This is how our convo went down this morning post workout.

NPSF: Hey @KarltheFog, I thought we had an agreement. You would drink too much Thursday night, accidentally sprinkle while stirring in bed, and you would forget to show up at Ocean Beach Friday morning.

KarltheFog: But I dropped a fucking verbal.

NPSF: I would have looked the other way. I mean, I do that for Amber/Erin Rose almost weekly.

KarltheFog: But Sarah Moret was back. And Danielle Boule never comes anymore, I wanted to see her #eathillsforbreakfast. Also, there was a fair-certain chance Katy Kunkle would bust her ass while running backwards in the sand and I needed to see that. The added bonus was watching Wayne get absolutely clobbered by the crumbling pyramid. Thought that kid was a goner, I really did.

NPSF: How about Adeoti? Have you heard her sing yet? Smooth as buttah.

KarltheFog: Not yet, but I’ll be sure to ruin the next outdoor gig she performs at so I can hear. I also hear Sunish brings the house down with his twinkle toes, maybe I’ll learn a thing or two.

…I won’t add the rest of the conversation because we quickly digressed into politics (turns out Karl is a Republican, shhhhh), great make-out points in the city, and WHAT DID SOLANGE ACTUALLY SAY?

Happy Friday!

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