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The Kansas City squad meets every Wednesday at 5:29 am and 6:29AM. We are for EVERYONE and want you to join us at the National World War I Museum and Memorial for a great workout to start off your morning! To stay in touch follow #NP_KC through various social media channels: facebook, instagram, and twitter.



#NP_KC C0-leaders: Nicole Garrett & John Kohler




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    1. Hi Dennis!

      Workouts vary each week, but we love to take advantage of all the stairs Liberty Memorial offers. We call it #stairsforbreakfast. We also sometimes take advantage of the sidewalk/hill that wraps around the flagpole. Generally workouts involve walking/running stairs/the hill and doing some brief exercises at the top and bottom (e.g. burpees, push-ups, squats, etc). Some workouts are done with partners, others are done on your own. It’s as challenging as you make it on yourself. We have people of all ages/fitness levels who attend.

      The bottom line is we love having fun and cheering each other on – you should #justshowup once and see what we’re all about! We would love to see you out there!

    2. We mix it up every week, but generally it involves body weight exercises and the stairs at the Memorial. Hope to catch you at a workout soon!

  1. I am hoping to come work out with you all for the first time while visiting the area on Wednesday. Not totally familiar with the area, is there a certain place I should park or is there lots of parking nearby? Thanks!

  2. Just finished my first workout! We ran stairs and did body weights push ups and walking lungs. It was really fun!! Great group of people to workout with. Definitely suggest trying it out. Open to all levels of fitness and age people

  3. I had a blast this morning coming out for my first time. Great community, lots of high-fives and encouragement for all levels. Good workout too! This is the coolest thing happening in our city. Sunrise, city landscapes, free-exercise, and it is FUN! My wife and I love this so much.

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