#JustShowUp… And then some. (SEA)

#JustShowUp, they said.  That’s all you have to do, they said.  It’s as simple as that, they said.

I know what I said, alright!?  And I have plans to keep saying it.  However, don’t let me stand in your way should you make the decision to step up and contribute more to this tribe and this movement by going above and beyond just showing up. (Note: we’re still very happy if you just show up. Seriously, keep coming. Please.)

  • Take Jess Lyons for example.  8-months pregnant, shows up twice a week, belly and all, to throw down a workout, help take photos, and is always eager to help in any way she can.
  • Aljohn Gaviola.  Hates mornings, LOVES me, captures beautiful images to help us build our brand.
  • Gary Chaw.  Came once, never left.  Whether it’s a workout, a social event, or anything involving NP, Gary will be there.
  • Jonathan Rosenberry and Heather Bolint.  Athletes.  Mountaineers.  Love the workouts, but are willing to sacrifice a session to create breathtaking videos that demonstrate the vibe of the tribe.
  • James Taylor.  Father of Chloe; wife forbids him from taking their newborn to the workouts.  Disregards wife.
  • Ben Hager.  Breaks his foot rock climbing and didn’t miss a single workout.
  • Alex Dines.  Loses a friend and colleague in an unexpected death; used the tribe for support.
  • Gabe Hajiani.  Breaks his knee in a skiing accident; continues to build the community as a leader by example.
  • Brian Marr.  Work forces him to travel multiple times a month; represents Seattle at November Project tribes around the world.
  • Liz Bley.  Dates the Co-Leader.  Helps to plan, modify, and criticize workout designs.
  • Every member of November Project Seattle.  You all have your own story.  You have a life, you have a family, you have your own group of friends, yet you continue to show up and help build something special in this city.  Continue to do that.  Continue to just show up… And then some.

November Project opens a lot of doors for opportunity and we hope you’ll take the opportunity to walk through them.  As I mentioned in today’s workout, if you’re interested in leading an early-morning pain session some time down the road, we’ll happily fork over the keys to the Cadillac.  Maybe leading workouts isn’t your thing, but you think you’ve got a damn good one planned, let’s hear it.  Perhaps you’re a wizard photographer and you’re resting a sore hamstring, bring your camera and make me look pretty.  Whatever way you want to contribute, we’ll welcome it with open arms.  This is your tribe.  Step up.  Take it.  Own it.


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