Just Race

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, which means we race.  We have 12 of these special days in a whole year, when we put on our racing shoes, put on our racing clothes, put on our racing faces and just fucking race.  The challenge is 37 sections as fast as you can.  The challenge is up to each one of us to dig deep and put it all out on the stairs.  The stadium is no joke.  It’s harder than you think it will be.  People visiting from other tribes every week say so.  They say stuff like, “That is way harder than anything we do back home.” But it is accomplish-able.  It is crush-able.  Fuck Yeah it is.  We show up, put our heads down, shout “FUCK YEAH,” and we just race.

And next month, we’ll do it again.  Track your time, record your sections from this morning.  Do it NOW.

HUGE thank you to our paint crew for tagging #GrassrootsGear.  We already know everyone wants it, but seriously, when you wear it, you look sexier, taller, faster, and smarter.  Make sure you get yours next month and earn it all the Wednesdays between now and then.

specifically thank you to: Danielle Pahud, Maya Fe Holzhauer, Mary Ann Belarmino, Ryan Komaiko, Xander Miller, Colette Biro, Tatum Hartwig, Caleb Daniloff, Chris Capozzi, Caroline McCrone, Joev Dubach, Roger McCarthy, and there were a couple others who stepped in to help too.  Sometimes there isn’t enough personal love & appreciation for giving of your time and efforts.  Thank you all.  Big love for the paint/photo crew.

HUGE thank you to DJ Phoenix, Laura Ingalls for making this morning that much more motivating.  We love your beats.  We love you.

And THANK YOU all, every single one of you for being a member of this tribe.  Thank you for bringing your fierceness and positivity.  We wouldn’t be the same with out you, and we’re not the same when you’re not here.


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