#JumpEverything (BOS)

Since I spend most of the morning editing photos of people jumping over trash barrels, we’ll keep the blog post nice and short.

Today’s we learned that people will jump over anything and run around the world to dodge 10 burpees.


We also learned that Lauren Goodman should use her angel voice to sing happy birthday to everyone, forever, until the end of time. If you agree, friend her on Facebook, and send her a note with this request.

A lot of folks will be crushing some races this weekend. I just have one simple request for all of you… #RaceEverything!

On Monday we’ll see you at Charles River Reservation II. For those of you that get lost easily, it’s the green area dead smack in the middle between BU bridge and Mass Ave bridge, on Boston side of Charles river. If someone can’t find this one, we’re canceling #DestinationDeck travels and we’re all doing a google hangout where we’ll do 7 munutes of burpees in our own or someone else’s bedroom.

I’m contractually obliged to mention that today’s workout was brought to you by Quiet, Safety, and Cassella Resource Solutions. #WeekendEarned


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