Jump-Squats equals Dry-butts

We at November Project keep our promises. On Friday we promised #DestinationDeck workout that will keep tribe’s collective butts dry and we delivered. Instead of doing sit-ups in the snow, for all the red cards, we did jump-squats. This exercise if done properly will help with quad/hamstring strength while adding explosiveness. This can come very useful on that last Wednesday of the month when you’re racing for delicious PR Pizza. Some tribe members said that they would rather do burpees instead of jump-squats. Suggestion is fully noted, Lauren Goodman, and will be gladly implemented.

Wednesday is at the stadium. Weather forecast calls for five different things, each different and dependent on the weather app that you use. So instead of trying to predict the impossible, at 6:30am we’ll meet at section 37 and go from there. Be ready to run outdoors, location will be just a small detail.

On Friday we’re doing 4Full. This workout is designed to remind us that Summit ave also expands into Brighton and that when combining these two sides of the Corey hill we get a kickass workout. Remember, kickass is what we eat for breakfast! Happy Monday, ya’ll!

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